Saturday, October 30, 2021


Works in situ in the studio.

My work since lockdown has done something of a full circle, a thesis antithesis synthesis perhaps, with my earlier work this year. I am going back to using digital/computational ideas and processes, but now foregrounding painting with oils in the process and end result. This blog will continue in a more informal style. 

The monochrome (and some stacked on the floor) are intended to be viewed with some reference to, perhaps on a screen in the installation, which displays the following:

The left and centre paintings are from thinking about computer colour versus physical colour. The RGB is relatively self explanatory, and the yellow green stripes are from thinking about the RGB/RYB colour systems. 
The right painting was made using an algorithmic system to mix colour based from the time of day. The left colour corresponds to sunrise and the right colour to sunset on the day I painted the painting, 28/10/2021. I previously did something similar ( using time and RGB values. Using the same idea I have an algorithm for mixing oil paints. 

The left painting here used a ratio of red, yellow, blue and white paint to mix the orange. The same numbers but in different orders were used for the green (the orange in R:Y:B:W is 4:2:1:1, and the green is 1:4:2:1). The right painting is a freer oil painting related to the striped green and yellow painting, thinking about the RGB/RYB colour systems.